Cultural Roundtable

ROUNDTABLE 5 - Cultural Channel Overview Meeting

A meeting was held at the Centre Grey Recreation Complex in Markdale on July 15th to discuss the new community Cultural Channel and brainstorm about content. See the notes at this link: /content/gh.roundtable.notes.july.15.15.pdf


ROUNDTABLE 4 - Grant Writing Hands-on Workshop

 Municipality of Grey Highlands Cultural Roundtable hosted another Grant Writing session  - with hands on help and special guests: Wendy Dempsey and Kathleen Cleland Moyer from the Ontario Trillium Foundation at the Osprey Community Centre in Feversham on June 10 – 1-5 (with OTF presentation from 3-4).

Some details of the new guidelines for Ontario Trillium Foundation grants may be found at this link:


ROUNDTABLE 3 - Grant Crafting 101 Presentation

Find an online version of the Roundtable 3 presentation (as an audio) and Power Point Presentation at the following links:

Notes from the meeting are available here.

Local priorities cultural survey online...

The Grey Highlands Public Library in partnership with the South Grey Museum is currently coordinating a Cultural Roundtable to carry forward the municipality's Cultural Plan. The Roundtable was launched on October 25. The second meeting was held Dec. 6, 2014 and included a priority setting survey. THIS SURVEY WILL STAY ACTIVE TO ALLOW OTHERS TO GET INVOLVED!

Link to the online survey here.

Setting priorities with promo workshop

There are so many cultural opportunities and options for action plans in the community, the new Grey Highlands Cultural Roundtable outreach will be seeking input into priority setting at its next meeting, scheduled for Dec. 6 at 2 p.m. at the Flesherton library.

Participants at the first meeting suggested lots of ideas, so the first part of the next meeting will bring forward these for discussion to set priorities. Specifically to identify where the community may want assistance to bring forward culture and connect our community. Communications will be key.

Many people at the roundtable launch in October wanted to hear more about online promotions and social media use to help spread the word about local cultural events, community attractions and opportunities to connect with their neighbours.

In addition to the main municipal website, there are also online sites for the library and museum as well as a community-wide cultural website at, which is constantly in need of updates and additional content provided by people in the community. The library and museum also have social media pages to promote their programs and community events.

During the upcoming meeting, the libraries Virtual Branch Librarian and Computer Access Program (CAP) Coordinator will offer a workshop on how to best utilized online resources and get the message out through social media. This workshop will be interactive, so people attending the meeting are asked to bring along content to post to online sites and social media.

100 local community groups were sent mailed invitations and over 300 people have been contacted via email about the next meeting. The workshop will be developed so that it may travel throughout Grey Highlands if groups are unable to come to the meeting or would like to learn more about online and social media resources.

There are many privately operated online websites and events lists and media outlets, which will be shared with participants to help them promote their own activities and events.

The formation of the Cultural Roundtable as a public outreach initiative is part of the Grey Highlands Cultural Plan and is being supported through a collaborative Culture Development Fund project coordinated through the public library and the South Grey Museum in partnership with the municipality with financial support from the Ontario government.

Further information on the project or how to get involved is available by emailing the museum at or the library at

DECEMBER 6, 2014
2 – 4 p.m. – Flesherton Library

Get a Printable PDF of the Notes HERE

ATTENDING: 29 members of the Grey Highlands community attended. An attendance list was compiled with names, emails and area of interest.

WELCOME: Meeting Coordinator Kate Russell welcomed and thanked those attending for coming out to assist in setting priorities for the Grey Highlands Cultural Roundtable.

PURPOSE:  Meeting Facilitator Wendy Stewart outlined the purpose of the meeting:

  • Priority Setting: What’s important to YOU?
  • Validate suggestions from the Cultural Roundtable Launch (held October 25)
  • Determine what to do next.


  • The Municipality of Grey Highlands through its cultural institutions (public libraries and South Grey Museum) is seeking input into carrying forward the municipal Cultural Plan through a Cultural Development Fund project grant from the Province of Ontario.
  • The Cultural Roundtable was formed to listen to the community and determine workshops for the community, provide networking opportunities and set priorities for the future.


  • For ease of review of priorities suggested at the Cultural Roundtable launch, a survey was developed outlining categories and asking participants to rank what is most important to them as individuals or as representatives of various community groups.
  • Meeting facilitator led those in attendance through the survey (ATTACHED).
  • The survey will also be pushed out to the community via email and an online survey following this meeting.
  • Some observations were made during the process of review.

DISCUSSIONS: Several comments were noted during the survey review as follows:

  • This is really a community planning issue so could inform community development moving forward.
  • Seems to be a communication void – we’re in the middle of it – need to develop something to help the community communicate with each other in a format all could access (radio?)
  • A daily memo email to the community could be developed to keep people informed.
  • Could include what people are aware of happenings in the community; municipal road conditions etc.
  • This is a civic engagement exercise as well to encourage people to be involved and determine best ways to engage the public.
  • We have pride in our community, need to recognize people involved – “thank you” goes a long way.
  • There is a need for a community communications inventory – who has what where – ie. where are their gaps in internet access; gaps where people do not have cable; ways to reach all residents.
  • Grey Highlands has a larger than average seniors population – need a gap analysis to find out how to reach them and where.
  • Surveys were collected and results will be compiled and shared at a future meeting.


To ensure there was some “action” at the meeting and to meet some training recommended at the launch of the Cultural Roundtable, two workshops were presented by Grey Highlands Public Library (GHPL) staff.

It was noted the workshop has been developed to be repeated at need and on request to individuals or groups. Those interested should make an appointment with the library.

This workshop was led by Katie-Scarlett MacGillivray, the Virtual Branch Librarian for GHPL. As the online presence for the library, she also coordinates the library website and social media sites.

Katie-Scarlet demonstrated how to get information from and posted to local websites (municipally-owned and the Chamber of Commerce website). A list of contact details was provided to attendees (included below). Some discussion on the topic are noted here as well.

Municipality of Grey Highlands website: – 519-986-2811 –

  • Maintained by the municipality.
  • Has a calendar of events – mostly for large events and those held at municipal facilities
  • The bulletin board in the municipal office is now for municipal information only – so can’t post flyers there.
  • Someone asked if private events could be posted there as well – need approval from the municipality.
  • For more information about posting to the municipal website, please contact the municipality.
  • An IDEA to have more LINKS on the municipal website to other sources was suggested.
  • People may be confused if there are so many places to go for information
  • Potential for a “one-stop shop link”
  • The new COUNCIL PORTAL was noted – potentially should be renamed the “Community Portal”
  • Offers a place for residents to make requests, submit complaints and get tracking number.
  • Offers a place for residents to sign-up for updates by email.
  • The municipal website also hosts a “Business Directory” which is free (needs to be updated)
  • All events are important – potential to link out to another site which would be more inclusive.
  • On the Bay magazine has an online events list which offers date by date listing
  • Potential for events to post to this site as well
  • Bayshore Broadcasting also hosts a website with event listings
  • IDEA to create a printed calendar with local events and distribute it within the community.

Chamber of Commerce website: – 519-986-4612 –

  • Maintained by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Posts event flyers and has a calendar as well
  • Art shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Community events
  • Maintains a Facebook page where they will like/share/post about events and local happenings.
  • It was noted the Chamber also has radio ads on Bayshore Broadcasting stations – the Chamber has had discussions about including not-for-profit events in these ads. If “for profit” events want to be includes they could join the Chamber.

Grey Highlands Public Library website:

519-924-2241 (Flesherton) 519-986-3436 (Markdale) 519-599-6990 (Kimberley)

  • Maintained by the Virtual Branch Librarian.
  • Offers a “What’s New” site and upcoming events.
  • Calendar lists events by and in the libraries. (Flesherton, Markdale, Kimberley locations).
  • Also has Facebook where they will like and share stories and event information.
  • Has a Twitter account – has been used during special events like Culture Days.

South Grey Museum website: – 519-924-2843 –

  • Maintained by the Curator/Manager of the museum.
  • Has a local events list and posts information about programs at the museum.
  • Has a Facebook page where will like, share and post about local events (linked to profile “Hi Lander”)

Grey Highlands Culture website: – 519-924-2843 –

  • Maintained by museum Curator/Manager and summer staff as requests received and staff time permits.
  • Includes events and festivals – but mostly just larger known annual events (as posted annually) – need more content and up-to-date information on current events.
  • Can and does post details with links and photos when available and time permits.
  • A “Get on our Cultural Map” feature (online form) is available at the museum’s website – reviewed by museum staff and posted when received on request.
  • IDEA: online form to submit information should be part of the site itself – more outreach needed to community.
  • Content posting is free for all Grey Highlands Cultural individuals, groups, attractions, accommodations etc.
  • Originally meant for Cultural Assets ONLY could be expanded to include businesses – or LINK to directory.
  • Developed during a previous Creative Communities Prosperity Fund project led by the museum in partnership with the library. Library staff updated a cultural assets list during that project.
  • Includes over 400 local cultural assets from a database developed originally under a similar CCPF grant led by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Is updated on request – status is relatively inactive as needs more updates and content. Many photos and details available to be posted – require more staff availability/time to develop and upload content.
  • IDEA: Content developed and collected during future Cultural Roundtable meetings and workshops could be submitted for inclusion on this website. Site needs more promotion in community.
  • IDEA: All these sites need to be LINKED TO EACH OTHER!

SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP: Get a printable version here

Grey Highlands Public Library Computer Access Program (CAP) coordinator Jessica Hammond presented this workshop, where she offered “digital literacy” pointers and discussed social media benefits for promotions. She provided a “Top 10 Social Media Tips” as an outline for discussions (link to them here).

She suggested this is a very broad and dense topic, so this workshop was just an overview. For more detailed assistance people may book one-on-one sessions with her through the library.

Following are some additional notes from the Top 10 Tips.

  1. Dedicate time to each account: ensure you take the time and energy to update sites and provide fresh messaging – the “ghost town” effect will turn off people if there is not something new on a regular basis.
  2. Content management requires frequency and consistency: upload and share a lot – at least once a week.
  3. Obey the 80/20 rule: 80 per cent of content should be “curated” – which offers details and information about items similar to your mandate and connected to what you care about – not composed by you. This will show your character and provide links to build connections with others with similar values. Social media is an efficient online “curation culture” – administer with a view to showing people who you are. This will lead to reciprocal links and promotions. The other 20 per cent is personal details and promotions.
  4. Share content many times: Hammer away so people will catch it – beware of time zones when posting if you are reaching out to the world.
  5. Share images often: social media is heavily reliant on visuals – the more there are the more people will become engaged in your message. Most critical reviews focus on images. Tweets with images were 41% more likely to be re-tweeted (in Twitter) and have a 33% conversion rate to be pushed to higher audience.
  6. Build relationships: Follow others, offer thanks, ask questions. Link to others and “follow back” are simple ways to engage others. Small gestures go a long way.
  7. Pick the right time: There are specific times better to post – afternoons from 1-4 p.m. (especially Wednesdays at about 3 p.m.) Weekend are often the worst time as people aren’t as engaged (especially before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m) Twitter is worst after 8 p.m. or Friday afternoon.
  8. Try geotagging: This offers location tags to posts and photos so people may see where you are or have been (works with Facebook and Instagram). Helps promote people and push forward your details.
  9. Balance use of hashtags: These #tricks identify specific topics and will link into discussions on such (like a universal link to a topic). They have no spaces. These small messages can open up a wider conversation, but can also be overused. Mostly used on Twitter (they are available on Facebook but only link within that platform). Can lose people’s interest if they are overdone.
  10. Use the right platform: Ensure you use the appropriate platform. Use a Blog for details (complicated information or a portfolio etc.) Facebook to connect people in an organization, but only if the people actually belong to it. Bricks and mortar places do well with Facebook as it allows geotags and can show what’s happening at different times of the day.

The Grey Highlands Public Library in partnership with the South Grey Museum is currently coordinating a Cultural Roundtable to carry forward the municipality's Cultural Plan. The Roundtable was launched on October 25.

First Roundtable hears many ideas

Thanks to over 30 local residents, the launch of the Grey Highlands Cultural Roundtable held on October 25th at the Flesherton Kinplex was a success.

Formed as part of a Cultural Development Fund project coordinated by the libraries and museum and funded by the province, the volunteer collective of people with interest in our community will seek to develop an action plan to carry forward the municipal Cultural Plan.

The purpose of the first meeting was to update the community on the current project; listen to ideas on  developing a cultural network, including how best to promote culture; to foster collaboration and coordination among cultural groups and event organizers and to determine how this cultural roundtable should unfold in the future.

A few strong voices emerged, seeking to more closely define culture and beef up local communications opportunities with targeted audiences in mind. Others wanted to have smaller groups to focus on themes like the potential for a local arts council to help find funding for creative individuals and groups or a group to develop ways to enhance inclusion opportunities in our diverse community for people with disabilities and other barriers to participating in events and cultural activities.

According to some comments from those who attended, there are “1,000 secrets out there” to promote which could draw out both residents and visitors to “work, rest, play and enjoy” in our community. If all aspects of the area work together, there could be a great collaborative effort to enhance the knowledge about and participation in the variety of local culture in Grey Highlands.

A website does exist at It was created under a previous cultural grant, yet still needs a lot more content and promotion to get people using it to promote and seek events and activities in the area.   With this in mind, community groups, individuals and businesses are invited to submit information about their events to be posted on the website.  Information for the website will be collected, leading up to the next roundtable meeting.

The next meeting, scheduled for December 6th at 2 p.m. at the Flesherton Library, will focus on priority setting.  For more information or to get involved contact or the library at

Link to the Presentation from Roundtable Launch meeting


OCTOBER 25, 2014
10 a.m. to Noon

Get a printable version of the notes HERE

HIGHLIGHTS – noted on flip chart throughout the meeting:

  • Importance of targeting demographics
  • Focus groups could form as “clusters”
  • Once focus is determined allow larger feed in
  • Arts directory/support arts/promote
  • Clear communications essential
  • How to connect to each demographic
  • Central source of information
  • Inclusion is important
  • Coordination of event dates
  • Info for visitors – promote the 1000 secrets out there
  • Communicate through businesses
  • Arts council is an opportunity
  • Volunteers are required to keep all groups going
  • Family activities in Four Season area

ATTENDING: 31 members of the Grey Highlands community attended.

WELCOME: Meeting facilitator Wendy Stewart welcomed and thanked those attending for coming out to assist in launching the Grey Highlands Cultural Roundtable.

PURPOSE:  Facilitator outlined the purpose of the meeting.

  • To update the cultural community on our current project.
  • To listen to the community about ideas on developing a cultural network, including how best to promote culture.
  • To foster collaboration and coordination among cultural groups and event organizers.
  • To determine how this cultural roundtable should unfold in the future.

OVERVIEW & BACKGROUND: Facilitator reviewed the background of municipal cultural planning in Grey Highlands and the current Cultural Development Fund project, including priorities for the fund addressed through this collaborative project. (Please see the attached Power Point presentation as handed out to participants.)

CULTURAL PLAN ACTION ITEMS: Facilitator outlined the action items from the municipal Cultural Plan. The meeting focus was identified as “Feeding the Field” and “Connecting the Community.” These are noted in the attached Power Point presentation as:

2.2. Encourage professional development opportunities, networking and resource sharing among artists and cultural groups

2.3 Create opportunities for cross-sectoral networking and collaboration; encourage coordination of culture with other aspects of the community

DISCUSSION FOCUS: Facilitator then encouraged comments and input on the two action items focus. Below are comments on the focus and what individuals in attendance saw as important to the community, themselves or their respective groups.

One attendee began discussions with comments about concerns about the definition of culture – as seen by the ministry as “creative artistic activities and heritage preservation”. The broad definition of culture used under previous phases of municipal cultural planning were too wide and did not allow for focus on the creators in community. There is concern the funding is supporting bureaurcracy rather than individual or collective artistic creators.

The facilitator noted rather than defining culture, this meeting seeks to establish a way to move forward the community Cultural Plan to support and promote many aspects of local culture.

A marketing professional asked what has been done to “Feed the Field” in the past. The facilitator noted this meeting is for a higher level discussion about ways and means to move forward. It was suggested previous projects have developed digital cultural resources through the library, workshops for the community on municipal cultural planning, a community profile was developed along with a municipal cultural plan and a cultural planning committee was begun in the community to carry forward events like Culture Days, which has been supported by the municipality for the past couple years through a budget for performers and promotions and in-kind use of facilities. A website of local cultural assets was also created and populated from a database of local assets at

Perhaps this roundtable could have smaller focus groups to:

  • Encourage interaction between professionals in the community
  • Determine needed workshops to develop cultural entities in the community

Groups could focus on such items as:

  • On social media use – demographics are changing for Facebook
  • Youth are more on Instagram and Twitter
  • Successful use of Facebook to promote events (eg. Elora)
  • Identify directives to follow-up – who are we trying to reach and how?
  • Who brings the biggest return? 50-year-old woman seeking a trop
  • Who shall we target for initiatives – target by demographics and monitor results
  • Communications differences based on demographics
  • rural area presents barriers to highspeed internet and one coverage method
  • not sure the “shotgun effect” of flyer mailing gets biggest bang
  • winter and lack of transportation in winter is also an issue
  • Communication is key – verbal/in-writing
  • Evaluation – measure initiatives by attraction – need a threshold for best return
  • An email or general mailing was seen as being too scatter gun
  • People are offering their free time and interest – should be more focussed so people are clear on what they are here to do and discuss specific issues.

During discussions people were asked to give reasons why they attended and what they hope to get from a Cultural Roundtable. Many people (names are not included here) offered their insights, including:

  • Opportunity to connect with the area and inform own group involvement
  • Support inclusive opportunities to offer a voice for those with different abilities or cultures
  • Supporting the library initiative as the library supports community
  • Interested in how get community people to work together
  • Identify a broad spectrum of interest in the community – help define closer what to work on
  • Provide input and help define the project
  • Find professional development and information opportunities
  • Attract interest to the area and seek to supply resources to the cultural sector - “what is the field?”
  • Arts administrator seeking to include art in planning and support local tourism
  • If the “field” is Grey Highlands – what is the attraction/how do we get people to stop/shop/move here
  • Previous Arts Council experience seeking to get folks to drop baggage and work together for success
  • Need triggers to initiate discussion – field is full of culture, art space is important, audience space connects
  • Need to build the audience – promote the local arts inventory – get the news out there
  • An artist directory to promote all the good things available in our community
  • Concern about continuing resources after grant funds are expended – how make this sustainable
  • Observe the evidence of partnering in community between museum and library
  • Promote the arts – glad so many artists and performers in attendance
  • Encourages by idea of a list of arts and culture on an inventory list – need stronger understanding
  • Encourage co-planning of event dates so not too much competition – potential to co-market
  • Local ski club membership brings 750 families from GTA/KW/London here
  • one third have weekend properties - always wanting to know about the “1000 secret things up here”
  • people want to know through simplistic communications what to do and see while visiting here
  • when is the water up in the lakes; what is the farmers market timing; where are the trails?
  • When are local restaurants open – from when to when – where get info centrally?
  • Business could be communicators – act as information brokers to visitors
  • Interest in inventory and how to better communicate with residents
  • Municipal ad in Advance doesn’t reach all – social media and website could help
  • How can we communicate to all ages and what ways are best?
  • Clarify communications – use municipal TAX BILL to keep people connected
  • Potential necessity of an Arts Council – how could we fund this?
  • Cluster people speaking from similar perspectives – have break-out sessions so each may identify topic
  • Culture is fuzzy – really have to define the “creators” not leave it to bureaucracy
  • Should there be a top-down approach or a ground up approach (like an Arts Council)
  • Different strokes for different folks always bring varying perspective – beware a “milk marketing board for the arts” – Roundtable brings the supply and demand sides of culture together
  • Fundraising is important for many local groups – including Friends of Library/Museum – competition?
  • Interested in helping out however it works – flyer mail out was a good way to spread the word
  • Library staff not being paid to be here – interested in volunteering after retirement
  • Previous chair of cultural planning committee – disbanded as Roundtable was coming
  • Wants to see people coordinate - was a struggle to get people to agree on “why here” and “what doing”
  • Great need for patience, collaboration and inclusive thinking
  • You may have your own agenda but need to listen to others and determine best practices
  • Generational farmer heard through heritage committee – suggests early pioneers created community through the fabric of the land we have today – we are losing some natural heritage features to development
  • Grey Highlands is rich through the diversity of its communities – still learning about collective community
  • Must hold it together and promote ourselves
  • Central information source will be key
  • Need to monitor and evaluate newspaper as an information source – not reaching all?
  • Need to promote WORK, REST, PLAY, ENJOY!
  • Sometimes hard to get people who commute to the city involved as they have less time here
  • The family experience is key to attract full range of visitors and new residents – something for all ages in all seasons – allows attraction of visiting friends and relatives as well
  • Lifelong resident cares about community – how do we promote ourselves effectively
  • Hard to maintain volunteers for long-term events – need to support through municipal council
  • Relative newcomer on volunteer board felt it was an adjustment moving here 12 years ago
  • Came here because of natural beauty – resident evolution the longer here more involved
  • Weekend and visiting demographics looking for cultural things to do
  • Attended to see who responded to the call culture is an emotional thing but must be pragmatic for local business too looking at this through three lenses – as an involved volunteer wants more action in cultural development active/directed creative process would allow more involvement from across community
  • father of artist who wants to come back here to be part of the creative process
  • consumer of culture – wants to see it become sustainable
  • active member of many groups would like to see more promotion and coordination among groups
  • a list or directory of cultural assets and artists could become a one-stop communication place
  • event calendar would be helpful so groups would have one central area to post and promote
  • a process to allow groups to connect and reach out to contact each other would help
  • resource sharing – the municipal ad is not necessarily the place for all things
  • interest in community health and well-being
  • a commuter who finds it difficult to be too involved has no specific agenda
  • concern over limiting scope of discussion – need streams of activity
  • dream of people in arts who may WORK in the field here and survive
  • graphic artist promotes regional arts for 10 years – guide for serious artists in cultural business
  • publishes a juried arts calendar and a history book about Eugenia – working on another history book
  • always open to information and resource sharing
  • traveller enjoys culture but feels needs to journey outside the area to fulfill cultural needs
  • few things in our own area – walking trails could be enhanced with guided walks
  • an umbrella group where each group could meet each other would be beneficial
  • Markdale cable provider wants to support cultural promotion and development
  • Community involvement is key – start it and it will grow
  • Wants things to do with the whole family in the area
  • Local actor and playwright focus on need to develop audiences through all platforms of social media
  • Coordinate all cultural endeavours – keeping populace and tourists informed of what is happening
  • 2010-12 Dusk Dances event was well attended but could have been promoted more to sustain
  • Municipal event calendar could be developed to “pop” and be more exciting to draw more people to it

FURTHER DISCUSSION: One attendee noted in attending all candidates meeting there wasn’t much discussion about culture – and it is not prominent in the strategic plan of the community. Arts and culture are integral to the development of a healthy community – it also drives artists to come here. Hopes the Roundtable will help develop arts.

Meeting facilitator clarified the municipality is not seeking to create culture, but is taking a facilitator role through providing facilities for use. The municipality does support culture as we are here discussing it.

Councillor said he sat on the cultural planning committee until it fizzled. Many groups were invited to participate and nobody came to that group. It coordinated Culture Days in 2013 then was given to another group to coordinate in 2014 with provision of municipal facilities and a budget of $5400 for coordination, promotions and performers.

Typically arts councils are not political – as they may be advocating to municipal and other governments.
One person suggested she wanted to have an art show at a municipal facility, but the cost was prohibitive. A reduced cost of rentals would lead to more events. It was noted perhaps groups could collaborate to share costs of rentals. It was also noted by the councillor that it is hard to pick and choose who gets reduced rates – can’t reduce for everyone. Perhaps the cultural umbrella group could apply to the Financial Assistance Program to get use of facilities for cultural groups for days beyond Culture Days.

It was also noted there are many places in the community which could potentially provide locations for artistic events and programs, including restaurants, Beaver Valley etc.

There needs to be some way to help each other through coordination – takes a long time to arrange things and we can’t keep all the people happy all the time. Perhaps this would be assisted by defining culture more closely to help limit the scope of projects.

NEXT STEPS: Attendees were asked if the next meeting should be at the Kinplex or perhaps at another location within the community – one of the libraries or Kimberley Hall? Potential to have a meeting at Beaver Valley? How would people like to see this progress. There was not a lot of feedback – though it was thought smaller focus groups would be appropriate.

One attendee from a multi-cultural and people with disabilities group noted smaller groups would encourage her to attend. She will not attend another general meeting like this one.

Project lead noted group could meet at smaller location. Follow-up meeting will be fairly soon – potentially next month (November). Focus groups may be the way to go at a better venue where it is more of a discussion not a presentation. Take away the microphone and allow people to speak up for themselves.

Consultant for training on hand thought these meetings would be a good way to determine what kind of training people want for skill development for organizations. “What do you know we don’t know.”

We need to know the things that are in place already – what is not effective needs to become more effective. How do we do that? In what ways may we optimize the website, get the promo out to others, get likes on the page, email sharing, get a Grey Highlands YouTube channel, gather content and promote

The community channel on cable may be used to promote other areas of local culture. Channel information could be internet based and stream from there – still determining this process and will depend on rest of development.

ADJOURNMENT: Attendees were thanked for their participation. Meeting ended at 12 p.m.


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