Hogg's Falls

Hogg's Falls
Lower Valley Rd
Postal Code
N0C 1E0

One of Grey County's best kept secrets. Experience Hogg's Falls in the summer or during the winter months by snowshoe.

A smaller, undeveloped, beautiful, yet still remarkably easy to access waterfall system which is part of the Niagara Escarpment. At the extreme south end of the Beaver Valley near where the Boyne River joins the Beaver, is “Grey County’s best-kept secret,” Hogg’s Falls. This section of Bruce Trail is part of the Upper Beaver Valley Extension, a planned rerouting of the Bruce Trail onto its optimum route. The addition will add about 30 km to the length of the main Trail. In 2005, the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club built two new loop trails that will be part of this addition and allow access to the Nature Reserve.

The Trail then continues across the Lower Valley Road and into a beautiful amphitheatre, surrounded by high hills. It then turns right into forest and returns to the parking lot. From the Hogg’s Falls parking lot follow the long loop north until it reaches a turnoff to the north. After crossing forest and farmland, it descends to the Upper Valley road to cross a wetland and then climbs to a beautiful lookout before following a track east uphill to Eugenia Falls at the community of Eugenia.